Think global with Lunar Point of Sale.

Quick Ordering Quick Ordering
Orders are taken fast and efficiently with our wireless platform for your restaurant servers. We have worked with many different points of sales systems over the years.
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Wireless Ticketing System Wireless Ticketing System
We have worked with many other point of sales systems currently on the market, and have made the ticketing system lightning fast, as compared to our competition…..
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Daily Reporting Daily Reporting
Get real-time reports for your daily sales and inventory at your restaurant. Our quality database allows you to design specific reports geared for your own restaurant’s needs.
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Secured Wireless Access Secured Wireless Access
Access your restaurant pos wirelessly using your existing wireless router. Securely connect to your existing network to allow for order processing using this state-of-the-art technology.
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Messaging System Messaging System
Use our messaging system in order to speak directly with your kitchen’s chef to limit error corrections to orders to the kitchen, bar, and other service areas. Management can eliminate chatter..
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Seat Management Seat Management
Allow your guests to feel at-ease with our Seat management system. Assign guests to seats in order to eliminate confusion of the food runners, and allow more time for your servers…
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  • Finally able to get it working on my tablet. Great customer service.
  • It was really simple to setup. Even for non techies like myself.
  • I have a small dinner so I didn’t needs a big fancy elaborate system. Prices are reasonable and the service is stable. Sold!
  • Used it during the trial and knew this is where I needed to take my business. Great customer relations department.
  • One word. Reliable.
  • I knew it was time to take order processing mobile. This has made it that much easier to transition.
  • Allan Wiehle
  • Shanell Stengel
  • Faye Ries
  • Alexander Groh
  • Gerald Thoell
  • Kum Noll